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The New Normal Covid-19

Simply Ke Massage, LLC

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL while in this pandemic. Let’s embrace the challenges. Please be understanding and patient as we are all adjusting. The most important aspect of re-opening post Covid-19 is OUR SAFETY, yours and mine.

Please note at this time I am not taking on new customers. Updates will be provided as things change. Thank you.

COVID-19 Update for current clients:
I will be asking these questions, prior to your appts. (please don’t take it personally, it is just for safety).

Have you been sick or exposed in the last 1-6 months with COVID-19 ? or anyone you have been mingling with socially ? Have you traveled recently? Do you have any symptoms prior to massage? What are the symptoms? Cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss sense of smell, fever, etc…

For all our safety, I will be following PPE (personal protective equipment) protocol, as we can’t be 6 feet apart during the massage. Also, possibility of taking temperatures prior to massage. I am allowing an good amount of cleaning time / disinfecting time in between clients appointments, so please be patient if I’m running a few minutes late. I will be wearing a cloth mask with filter, and I encourage you to wear one as well, BRING YOUR MASK if you have one (please see picture for info on transmission). I know that these masks are not very comfortable, your other alternative is a pillowcase loosely covering your face during supine position. (My apologies for the NEW NORMAL inconveniences, these are just to make sure we are all keeping safe & doing our best to stay healthy).

I will have to disinfecting every surfaces and have hand sanitizer in and outside of the room. Their will be an option to Washing feet or using a soapy wash cloth will be provided before or after massage session.

All payment card transactions must be done online prior to your appointments, so we can avoid “touching the physical card ,etc…lessening touch transmissions”. Payment options are PayPal.Me/SimplyKeMassage, cash app/$simplykemassage. If you are paying by cash or check, I will have a designated tray to place on.

If you are sick, have traveled, or have been exposed to Covid-19 please stay home. Cancel your appointment ASAP. Some COVID-19 cases are still asymptomatic, we have to be considerate and be mindful of each other’s health. Wear a mask please. We don’t know who has it or if we have it, unless we are tested. So, safety is #1.

Honest communication is very important, so we can all stay safe & healthy during this challenging NEW NORMAL.

Hours of Operation :
will be on a Day to Day, Week to Week scheduling. Online booking & online gift certificates will not resume until futher notice. Please call or text, email to book an appointment.
IF you have a gift cetificated that expires in the month of April please inbox about recieving an extendition on your certificate.

More info:
If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

Thank you so much for your patience. I look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times. I appreciate you for being patient with me & scheduling you during this pandemic. We need to be mindfully considerate and be kind towards one another.

Though I can Re-Open I am slowly taking my time to work out the New schedule and proper equipment and necassary protective and prevention to set in place to keep All safe!!
Feel free to call / text me anytime for any further questions / concerns on future scheduling.
(after June is the tentative date to be back to full operation).
Please stay healthy, stay positive, stay hopeful.

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